Established a quarter-century ago, Palmiye’s journey in the shading industry commenced with pioneering innovations such as wooden and aluminum motorized pergolas, marking a significant milestone in the industry.

This journey continues with a recent shift in Palmiye’s corporate structure, further strengthening its steadfast dedication to global sustainability, comfort, and aesthetics. Palmiye’s unwavering focus on innovation, quality, and environmental stewardship forms the cornerstone of values, emphasizing superior craftsmanship and tailored solutions

Positioned at the intersection of expertise and inventive drive, Palmiye is dedicated to seamlessly integrating art, science, engineering, and global proficiency in client-centric ways, embodying the vision of being the unrivaled global leader in pioneering outdoor living spaces that harmonize necessity, design, and comfort.


Established in 1998, Palmiye quickly became a leader in the construction sector, specializing in unique pergolas, glass structures, canopies, and shading systems that blend outdoor comfort with indoor luxury. The company gained international recognition after winning Norway's largest canopy project tender in 2002.

Palmiye's commitment to innovation resulted in groundbreaking achievements like the first Motorized Pergola in 2004 and year-round use pergolas by 2006, solidifying its leading position. With sales in 190 countries across six continents, Palmiye is a global leader in providing diverse pergola designs and solutions.


As a progressive innovator, Palmiye is a leader in pioneering innovations.

  • Double Anti Air System in 2006
  • Moveable Lighting Kit in 2007
  • Curved Pergolas in 2008
  • 3D Patterns on Ceiling Cover in 2008
  • Insulated Ceiling Cover in 2009
  • Panoramic Pergola Design (without front pillar) in 2009
  • Exclusive Fabric Collection in 2018


Palmiye leads the shading industry with its highest production capacity. Our in-house cutting-edge powder coat technology integrates German, Italian, and Turkish brands into one seamless system.

The presence of an in-house sandblasting facility ensures top-notch quality. Our continuous R&D efforts guarantee customer satisfaction. Thanks to the KLAES software, we meticulously control every phase of production, purchase, and logistics. Experience excellence with Palmiye


Palmiye proudly holds certifications including EN 1090-CE, ISO 9001, 10002, 14001, and 45001, as well as the Zero Waste Certificate and Qualicoat Certificates. Notably, Palmiye has been granted the Seaside class license and the esteemed Qualicoat accreditation from Switzerland. These recognitions solidify Palmiye as a global benchmark for quality in aluminum coating systems, ensuring the highest standards for customer satisfaction.

Outdoor seating area with white couches and tables, featuring a Fully Automatic Awning System

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