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Products & Services

Palmiye manufactures pergola systems with PVC fabric, aluminum panel, and glass roof covers, as well as winter gardens, garage solutions, and side products such as glass systems, enclosures, and awning systems. It offers project planning, supervision, installation, and after-sales services.

All our products are tailor-made to fit your specific space and requirements.

Maximum dimensions vary depending on the models. For fabric pergolas, the maximum width for one system is 13m with a maximum projection of 10 meters. For bioclimatic pergolas, the maximum width is 450cm, and the maximum extension is 799cm. You can find the maximum dimensions for all other related products in our product catalogs.

Yes, with proper planning, details are worked out specifically for integration into existing constructions.

Our pergolas come with an integrated drainage system, and all technical details ensuring waterproofing are meticulously designed. We provide a waterproofing guarantee for our pergolas.

Snow load-bearing capacities are calculated for bioclimatic and glass-roofed pergolas. This information is detailed in the product and technical catalogs according to the models.

Yes, our pergola systems provide protection against weather conditions. Especially bioclimatic and glass-roofed systems, with their snow load-bearing capabilities, offer resistance to all weather conditions. When side enclosures are added, our systems can be used as closed spaces throughout all four seasons.

We have standard colors listed in our color charts. In addition to these, you can also choose other fabric and aluminum color options for your projects.

Yes, we can create custom steel applications based on project details. We have references worldwide for such special applications.

Yes, with our skilled engineering team, we can conduct special static calculations for your projects.

The delivery times for standard models in our product family range from 35 to 42 days. For projects requiring custom solutions based on size and details, delivery times may vary.

Company & Network

Palmiye is the preferred choice for its exceptional customer experience, precise project control system, and dynamic technical sales team. Offering not only standard solutions but also personalized options with a wide range of products and customization choices in aluminum colors and fabrics, Palmiye ensures superior quality. This process is further supported by detailed training, installation, and after-sales services.

Palmiye provides services across the globe, with more than 190 sales points on 6 continents.

Palmiye has dealers or sales points in many countries. For other countries, the central office in Turkey provides all kinds of services.

Our company boasts standout production features, including real-time dynamic planning and digital job order delivery. With meticulous attention to detail, we employ real-time production feedback and project-based work station statistics across our 30 sub-stations. Our capacity planning is fortified by a well-equipped mechanical workshop and a comprehensive paint shop complete with conveyor lines, surface treatment, painting cabinets, and high-frequency welding.


Depending on the project, pergolas can be connected to the wall, ceiling, or built on their own pillars.

Use Cases

Our awning systems use water-repellent fabrics; however, in heavy rainfall, water may penetrate through the seams. Therefore, we recommend using awning systems for shading purposes.

After Sales

Our after sales support team assists you with any technical issues that may arise after the sale.

Warranty & Certificates

We provide a warranty of up to 2 years for electrical and electronic components and up to 5 years for motor, paint, and all manufacturing defects.

We hold the following quality certificates: EN 1090-CE, ISO 9001 & 10002 & 14001 & 45001, Zero Waste Certificate, Qualicoat, Qualicoat Seaside.

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    Explore our FAQs for quick answers to common questions and find the information you need effortlessly.

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