Design Ingenuity: 10-Modules Retractable Bioclimatic Pergolas (Skyroof Prestige)

In an impressive café restaurant project situated in Turkey, a stage is set for a convergence of contemporary architectural wonders. Here, a dynamic installation emerges as a synthesis of sophistication and adaptability, comprising a composition of retractable bioclimatic pergolas consisting of 10 modules, notably featuring the Skyroof Prestige model.

Complementing this modern showcase are the adjustable parapet system and fixed rectangular glass systems, completing a triumvirate of design ingenuity. They represent a harmonious blend of functionality and style, reshaping the atmosphere of this culinary paradise.



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Palmiye pergolas are built upon an aluminum supporting structure; offering various ceiling options such as glass, PVC fabric, or aluminum panels, to form a cater to a wide range of architectural designs and functionalities.