Crafting Spectacular Events with Palmiye’s Pergola and Glass Systems at Crown Plaza Istanbul

Crown Plaza Hotel Istanbul's expansive 1000m2 open terrace has been transformed into a state-of-the-art space featuring a specialized steel construction integrated with bioclimatic ceiling systems, all conveniently controlled through a single command. The surroundings have also been enclosed with motorized parapets and sliding glass panels to ensure protection against diverse weather conditions.

The integration of pergola and glass systems has revolutionized the terrace into a versatile area, offering unparalleled control and comfort. The retractable bioclimatic pergola, Skyroof Prestige, harmoniously adapt to changing weather, providing shade or allowing natural light with a simple command. Additionally, the motorized parapets and sliding glass panels offer flexible enclosure options, catering to the area's weather needs without compromising the breathtaking views.

This innovative design amalgamates functionality and aesthetics, redefining the outdoor experience at Crown Plaza Hotel Istanbul , offering guests an unforgettable and adaptable ambiance.



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A pool and oceanfront house with  Palmiye Global's pergola system


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Image of a contemporary house full of glass systems with a swimming pool and a bright blue sky.

Glass Systems

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