Montenegro's Beauty: Innovative Comfort at Lustica Bay Café

Nestled in the stunning scenery of Lustica Bay, our café project embodies the perfect fusion of nature and modern comfort.

Introducing our cutting-edge bioclimatic pergola system -Skyroof Plus and sliding glass solutions, we've crafted an unparalleled experience for our guests.

Embracing the essence of bioclimatic pergolas, our design harmonizes with Montenegro's climate, offering adaptable shade and ventilation. Our sliding glass system seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces, providing an immersive experience regardless of the weather.

In perfect harmony with Montenegro's natural beauty, our bioclimatic pergolas provide exceptional comfort in this project!

Used Products


Palmiye pergolas are built upon an aluminum supporting structure; offering various ceiling options such as glass, PVC fabric, or aluminum panels, to form a cater to a wide range of architectural designs and functionalities.