New York's Jewel: Midtown Terrace

Midtown Terrace is situated on 5th Avenue in the modern architecture hub of Midtown. Our innovative pergola system Silver, has been seamlessly integrated into the expansive Midtown Terrace.

Spanning an impressive 4,400 square feet (250m2), Midtown Terrace offers a comfortable environment for up to 150 guests. The recent enhancement includes a retractable enclosed rooftop with side glass closings, ensuring year-round utilization of the terrace.

The standout feature from our perspective is undoubtedly our innovative pergola system. This system redefines the Midtown Terrace experience, providing adaptable shading and ambiance for guests to enjoy the space irrespective of weather conditions. Moreover, with a breathtaking 360-degree view showcasing iconic landmarks like the Empire State Building and the Marble Collegiate Church, the Midtown Terrace, along with our specially designed Silver pergola system, emerges as an exceptional event space.

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