Palmiye's Touch: Enhancing California's Cafe with Pergola & Glass Systems

In California's vibrant landscape, we've enhanced this café-restaurant with our cutting-edge oval PVC retractable pergola system Coral, seamlessly enclosed using automatic operable parapet glass systems.

These innovations bring a new dimension to the café, creating an inviting space where guests can enjoy the scenic beauty while relishing the comfort of a versatile, weather-adaptable environment. 

Our systems redefine the dining experience, offering an ideal balance between open-air freedom and climate-controlled coziness, ensuring an unforgettable visit at this delightful establishment.

Used Products

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A pool and oceanfront house with  Palmiye Global's pergola system


Aluminium — Fabric — Glass

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Image of a contemporary house full of glass systems with a swimming pool and a bright blue sky.

Glass Systems

Folding — Sliding — Parapets — Doors

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