Resilient Pergolas for Norwegian Conditions

We have adorned various terrace areas of a residence with our bespoke rotatable bioclimatic pergola system Skyroof Plus in Oslo, Norway. Each terrace not only reflects the essence of the home but also adds functionality and aesthetics, significantly augmenting the property's value.

Our pergola systems, tailored to adapt to Oslo's fluctuating climate, foster a comfortable ambiance across these spaces. They introduce a new dimension to the living areas, expanding not only the outdoor zones but also the indoor quarters.

With innovative designs, our pergolas offer residents a dynamic and versatile utilization. Each terrace, harmonizing with Oslo's vistas, elevates the home's quality of life by offering tranquility and sophistication. These bioclimatic pergolas enhance the property's value and also provide homeowners with a unique lifestyle.


Used Products


Palmiye pergolas are built upon an aluminum supporting structure; offering various ceiling options such as glass, PVC fabric, or aluminum panels, to form a cater to a wide range of architectural designs and functionalities.