Unified Elegance: Skyroof Plus Bioclimatic Pergola, Adjustable Parapets, and Pente Awning

The Skyroof Plus bioclimatic pergola model seamlessly harmonizes with adjustable parapets and the drop arm awning model Pente, showcasing remarkable synergy and complementarity. This collaboration embodies a symphony of design, elevating the entire environment

The adaptable nature of the pergola, the versatility of the parapets, and the sleek efficiency of the drop arm awning Pente redefine the space they adorn. This collective excellence speaks volumes about their ability to enhance each other's attributes, resulting in an environment that transcends mere functionality to become a true architectural masterpiece.



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Palmiye pergolas are built upon an aluminum supporting structure; offering various ceiling options such as glass, PVC fabric, or aluminum panels, to form a cater to a wide range of architectural designs and functionalities.