Fixed Glass

Fixed Glass Systems :
For Brighter and
Airier Spaces

With numerous options, this way of architecture is a creative and stylish way to split up your area. As well as different colour options, glass films with any text or design can be laminated directly onto the glass.

Fixed Glass Systems Sub Models

Choose the ideal glass system to seamlessly integrate with your space and enjoy indoor-outdoor living in your own distinctive style.

  • Rectangular Fixed Systems

    Fixed glass systems provide protection and energy efficiency but also elevate the overall ambiance of your space. Their minimalist, sleek design allows natural light to flood in while safeguarding against the forces of nature.

  • Triangular Fixed Systems

    There are 2 types of triangular fixed glass systems compatible with Palmiye’s Plus and Compact Pergola series..

Color Options

Aluminum and glass, a canvas of possibilities. Choose from a spectrum of colors to reflect your personality and tailor your space to your unique style.

Fixed Glass

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