Parapet Systems

Parapet Systems:
Without Bounds

Parapet systems play a pivotal role in various building projects, providing both essential safety and enhancing architectural aesthetics. Whether applied in commercial properties, residential structures, or public spaces, these systems offer a blend of protection and design refinement.

Parapet Systems Sub Models

Choose the ideal parapet system to seamlessly integrate with your space and enjoy indoor-outdoor living in your own distinctive style.

  • Fixed Parapet Systems

    With its strong frameless panels the Parapet system provides uninterrupted views as well as a welcome wind shield too.

  • Adjustable Parapet Systems

    This vertically operating parapet system offers exceptional versatility. What sets it apart is the convenience of remote control, allowing you to adjust its configuration effortlessly to meet your needs.

Color Options

Aluminum and glass, a canvas of possibilities. Choose from a spectrum of colors to reflect your personality and tailor your space to your unique style.

Tailored to your lifestyle

Controls & Automation

Designed to easily control your product wherever you are in the world, despite the weather changes you can remotely activate your products accordingly.

  • Control Units

    Our products incorporate Somfy motors, remote controls, sensors, and automation systems, giving customers the choice between RTS and IO options.

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